YouTube Video Ranking Checklist

YouTube Video Ranking Strategy

YouTube Video Ranking guide

YouTube Video Ranking factors all are below and step by step guide how to rank you tube videos.on the first page of google and you tube.

  1. Create video in 16:9 ratio, (1280×720)pixel
  2. Video file name will be main keyword / Videos title
  3. In video file details (Right click on video file click on properties and click details):
  4. Title will be video file name/ copy title paste in title box
  5. Subtitle will be related with keywords or main keyword
  6. Give some related tags/ LSI keyword like YouTube Video Ranking procedurs best for Google ranking
  7. Write related comment like if your main keyword is learn seo then comment learn seo step by step
  8. Default video upload setting: is “Public” go…. and
  9. Set as unlisted
  10. Set category
  11. Set Language and sub title
  12. Video title always goes with main keyword
  13. In the video description:
  14. Article will be minimum 300-500 words for Google Ranking
  15. First line of description/article will be video title like a general sentence end with full stop(.)
  16. Use keywords in video description / LSI keywords must use:YouTube Video Ranking factor
  17. Videos link will be inserted in this description make a good imp-ration
  18. Give social media links url,”Facebook pages”, and twitter link “Follow us: on Google+ “community / Facebook”
  19. Write: “Subscribe to our channel” “Subscribe for Next”
  20. Give related keywords or search Related as much as possible
  21. Tags will be associated with keywords and first tag will be your main keyword/video related or Pick up popular channel name. Give tags as much as possible.
  22. Create a 1280×720 pixel thumbnail and title it with start leading keyword. Thumbnails file details are below (Right click on video file and click details):
  23. Title will be thumbnail name
  24. Subtitle will be related with your main keyword
  25. Give some related tags
  26. Write associated comment
  27. If all work is done, publish and monetize it.
  28. And do some views from hit leap and Facebook etc.

YouTube Video Ranking

YouTube Video Ranking  YouTube Video Ranking

YouTube Video Ranking

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