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article online Topics Attract Views Clicks. With more than 5yrs experience of posting articles online, the means arises to reflect on which topics are already most successful in attracting views, and which articles have already been most effective in persuading readers to click by means of a website. To deal with the obvious first, the saying sex is definitely the strongest magnet and then for any article that has a title including this magic word will most likely be scanned for content that may not pass the extant rules of censorship. It is the topics ranking second, third and beyond that happen to be of more serious interest while their scores may lag significantly behind the best.

Topics That Attract Views and Clicks

All topics associated with personal appearance have become attractive to viewers. Somewhat surprisingly, articles on African men’s dress and hairstyles have attracted more views compared to the corresponding topics for African women. However, with regards to promoting URL clicks with a commercial website, the best articles happen to be about women’s attire, with one article on plus-size silk dresses in Vietnam achieving a URL click rate of 24 percent with 38 clicks from 158 views.

Articles on health address a primary human concern and get more than average attention. One article on homeopathic medicine was crowned the author’s fourth most widely read article after ten months, amongst articles that was active for three or four years, with an article on health in West Africa, published in January 2013, was widely viewed throughout the Ebola outbreak in the following years, although readers must have already been disappointed so it made no mention of the then current crisis. After health must rank food and drinks as a topic of universal interest, by having articles on alcohol in Ghana ranking thirteenth inside an overall set of over 500.

In a look at these fairly obvious topics of widespread personal interest, it really is reassuring to see that special interest topics will also gain fair exposure. In the case of the present author, this became the culture and development with the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Four articles on culture are ranked inside top twenty. At number six can be an article for the famous proverbs on the Akans, at number nine, an account from the mythical forest creatures generally known as moa tia, at number sixteen is undoubtedly an article within the association of trees with place names at number twenty can be a description of the traditional Ashanti compound house.

In spite of that rich traditional culture, Ghana just isn’t resting on its laurels. Many of the author’s articles describe pioneering efforts in grassroots industrial development and thirteen these articles rank within the top fifty. In particular, you can find five accounts of human engineers and scientists who played leading roles from the program. It is pleasing that in a situation where most potential viewers are primarily looking for topics of private interest, these worthy people can easily still gain fitting exposure in their exploits.

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